ASA With Farming

ASA is a friend to farmers. With ideas and loans ASA has helped many poor people to get into the farming business and let themselves shine their future with their own effort.

ASA The Largest Microfinance

The Goal of ASA is to provide support to the ever growing human resource of bangladesh. Providing them loan with microfinance policies to make them independent with their working power.

ASA With Women Empowerment

ASA encourages women to make them independent as work persons. With ASA loans women around Bangladesh and also all over the world are getting provided with several independent work.

ASA With Child Education

ASA organizes projects to help make poor children educated,even in remote areas ASA manage to organize regular training sessions to make the children enlightened with the light of education.

ASA – A Commitment for Social Rejuvenation

ASA Became no. 1 MFI according to US Forbes Magazine in 2007

ASA is a non-governmental organization in Bangladesh originated to alleviate poverty by empowering underprivileged community thru ensuring proper access of capital. ASA committed to the society for the socio-economic contribution in enhancement of daily life in the poverty prone community.

Ahead of this commitment, ASA initiated its operation in 1978 and over the gradual evolution it eventually developed as one of the largest microfinance institute of the world. During this long working experience, ASA exercised many core socio development activities however in later part kept itself in microfinance operation mostly.

Over the early experiences in mass social services including health, education, sanitation etc, ASA addressed a major overhaul requirement in conventional banking for remote commune. Then it developed an exclusive client friendly model of microcredit with customized products and favorable features with must needed low operation cost. Now, the model is appreciated globally and earned accolades from reputed international institutions.

Services that ASA offers is divided into two categories,

Financial Services

Non – Financial Service

Global Footprint Of ASA

ASA has managed to spread it’s microfinance ideas and norms all over the world. Below remains some countries in which ASA has it’s own branches. ASA helps not only bangladeshi people with loan and stuff it also helps out other helpless people all over the world to make their life easy and comfortable.


ASA International has been the owner of majority share capital of ASA International India Microfinance Pvt. Ltd
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ASAI established one NGO namely ASIEA (Association of Social Improvement and Economic Advancement) in 2009
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ASA international has established a non-depository Microfinance Institution in Pakistan
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ASA international has established a lending company namely ‘Pagasa Philippines Lending Company International’
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ASA international has established an NGO namely ‘ASA Ghana’ in August – 07
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